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Tax Preparation

Reduce Your Income Tax Bill. Keep More of  Your Money

Tax preparation If you are looking for business tax preparation, you’ll find an expert-friend at Elite Accounting Solutions. We know from experience that business owners have enough stress from spending long hours running businesses and wearing multiple hats. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the expertise or time to wear the tax hat, nor would it fit comfortably!

The last thing business owners need is to take on the responsibility of wrestling with the burden and complexity of income tax planning and compliance. Yet, tax planning, preparation and remittance are “must-do” tasks. Tax work must be complete, accurate and on time to avoid stiff penalties, late filing fees, late payment fees and interest. Our experienced tax professionals will gladly partner with you to take on income tax planning and compliance responsibilities. Having the tax experts at Elite on your tax team could save you a lot of money, hassle and pain.

Find Out How Tax Planning Can Reduce Your Tax Bill

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Tax Preparation Services

With the experts at Elite AS in your corner, you can relax about tax!

Elite Accounting Services provides full-service tax preparation for businesses in Sacramento and California. Our services will ensure that your taxes are accurate, filed on time, and optimized. With the experts at Elite AS in your corner, you can relax and leave the tax concerns to us.

Tax Planning
  • Corporations.
  • Partnerships, LLCs/LLPs.
  • Individual taxes for self-employed professionals.
  • Sales & Use.
  • Quarterly & Annual Payroll Tax.
  • Property tax.

Why You Need Expert Tax Preparation

Taxes are a Serious Matter

Tax compliance is your legal duty. Not only must you meet deadlines and comply with complex tax rules and filing obligations, you also have a duty to keep accurate records, including bookkeeping, receipts and documents. Knowledge of tax rules and organization are half the battle – being on time is the other half! Federal and state authorities impose stiff fines for late filing and non-compliance.

A Domino Effect to Avoid

Inaccurate, incomplete bookkeeping, planning and tax preparation can cause problems at tax time. These problems, if left unchecked, tend to escalate over time and can cause a domino effect on finances. By using the expertise of Elite AS for tax planning, tax preparation and bookkeeping, you save time, frustration, late filing costs, and dramatically decrease the risk of income tax issues becoming catastrophic.  Most importantly, our experts will ensure that you comply with tax rules, while at the same time minimize your tax bill.