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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses realize maximum profit potential. We do that by:

  • Delivering thorough, on-time and accurate bookkeeping services that free up a business owner’s time and ensure compliance and organization. Elite’s services allow you to do what you do best:  run your business.
  • Providing business owners the performance visibility and insight they need to make decisions, grow business profit, and anticipate financial risks, so they can run their businesses with confidence.
Our Beliefs

Elite Accounting Solutions was founded on the belief and knowledge that revenue solves many problems, and businesses succeed by focusing on revenue generating activities.

Our accounting outsourcing services empower owners of small and medium size businesses to channel more of their efforts toward planning, managing, and growing revenue and business profit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you do work at my business location?
You say you are a California bookkeeper. What if my business is outside California?
I see that you offer pricing packages. I don't see something suitable for my business. Can you still help me?
Will you work with my bookkeeper or accountant?
I run a small, freelance business, do I need an accountant?
I own several businesses in California. Can you give me a discount if you do the bookkeeping for all of them?
I need financial planning and advisory services. Can you help?